..giving someone a gift. ♥️

aboutHello there. Thanks for visiting my page. I warn you from now that I really really really love quotes and gifts. So, be prepared that you will see on my page many of these two things. I believe that each gift deserves the appropriate quote to have.

Anyway, I supposed that I have to tell you my name and what I m doing here. So, my name is Anna Maria (let’s keep it in a short form and call me A.M) and I am a Gifter ( =one who gives a gift ) at heart.

Here you can find gift ideas for almost everyone and for every occasion (and if not, make a request and I will upload a post for it late on.) This page is to express my own ideas, but at the same time is to give you ideas for the people you really love.

Gifts are categorized based on the occasions, and interests in order to make it more easier for all of us. By the way, I really want your voice here in order to make something beautiful together.

So, in case you want assistance to find the right gift for a specific occasion/day/person please do not hesitate to send me an email at giftplace29@gmail.com

Love, hugs, and kisses.

❥ A.M 


p.s. Just never forget that all we need gifts on our best days as desperately as we do on our worst.