5 Gifts to Avoid!

How to avoid predictable gifts?

Sometimes it’s better to not give a gift rather than become predictable and boring!

So, try to be authentic and not predictable! Good gifts don’t need to be expensive. Keep this in mind. Great gifts could bring people closer and much more appreciated than before.

So, try to think a little bit the person that will receive your gift. It’s not so difficult to find the right gift.

Here are some of the most predictable gifts.

🕯️ Gift Number 1.

Candles. Do you have a friend that loves candles? Do not gift to them a boring candle in order to finish you commitment for him.



Candles could be awesome but they could be at the same time too cliche.

So, try to think something more interesting or at least try to find a really beautiful and unusual set of candles.


Something I strongly recommend you are those following handcrafted ceramic spheres.

These contain liquids that perfume your home for 3 to 6 months. This brand has many different aromatics in order to satisfy everyone´s taste.

View more details here

🎀 Gift Number 2:

Perfume. It’s a NO NO gift to give. Do not buy perfume to your favorite people. It´s a gift that they could buy on their own. Think more creative, think that you care to search something special for them.

It’s much more important the fact that you search to find something different for them rather than gift to them something typical even practical as gift.



But, if you have a person who really loves perfumes or a particular perfume. Buy a package of it or a special edition of it in order your gift become interesting!

🔑Gift Number 3:

Metallic Key chain. Who does nowadays metallic key chain for gift?

No, if you are adult I think that a metallic key chain is not a really good gift.

So, try to avoid it!!


key chain





But, let’s see that gift from another point of view.

Why you don’t searching for a timeless key holder


key holder

? A leather, silver or gold one?

It depends the budget of course.

But, you can easily find one key chain that is good quality and good looking without spend so much money.

View more details here


Socks on Emojipedia Gift Number 4:



Most people are happy when buying their socks, but this doesn’t mean that they want them also as gift.

I have read some years ago on a consumer survey on internet that socks are the the most disappointing gift and offensive gift.

So, again if you still believe that socks is the right gift to do for some people. It’s the time to be more creative. Why you don’t try his kind of gift then ? It’s playful because of colors, it’s a box and also it’s practical.


happy socks gift box

Do not forget that most of times boxes are the most impressive gifts because people enjoy to open them and check what is inside!

View more details here

📓 Gift Number 5:

Notebooks. Nowadays most of people use laptop, tablets, phones an so many other tech products. There are few people that use notebooks these days. I have to say that I am one of them, BUT someone who uses a notebook wants a specific type. He/She could probably do not want to use another type or version  of the notebook that already use.basicsnotebook3

So, before you gift a notebook to someone it’s a good movement to ask him/her before.

Another important thing guys is to not buy a simple, tempting, boring notebook.

There are so many extremely beautiful notebooks around the market.

If you are not aware with any special brand of notebooks check this one below!

These are my favorite notebooks! I really love them!

View more details here

p.s. Paperblanks have a beautiful collection of boxes.


Until then,

stay away from these gifts.

Love, hugs, and kisses.

❥ A.M 



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