🍳Cooking Lovers!

Are you searching a gift for a person who the only thing that loves to do is cooking?

Well, look what I’ve found while I was searching for cooking lovers.

Actually, I found a lot of stuff but I will provide you some of them here and if you want more message me of comment below and together we will find what fits for you.

Before I start I have to promise you that I do not promote the website http://www.uncommongoods.com but I really love it and every single time I visit it I find very interesting items.

Spoon on emojidex Gift Number 1:

The first gift I will have for you is not for all cooking lovers, but for the masters of kitchen!

It’s a special gift for those who likes the experiments while they are cooking.

It’s a beautiful box named Artisanal Bamboo Salt Chest that includes 24 different sprinklings from around the world. It’s an elegant and gourmet collection of salt.

Don’t forget that variety is the spice of life!


I don’t like cooking, but I may start in order to have a reason to buy that lovely box!

View more details here

Sushi on Emoji One  Gift Number 2:

If your friends happen to be big fan of sushi and Japanise cuisine you may be interested of this post! Check here what I found for sushi (yami yami) lovers!


It’s a-a-amazing this plate for sushi!

This plate is great for serving sushi with soy sauce.

BUT, if you still like the plate and do not like sushi you could also serve chicken wings with a barbeque sauce or crackers with another sauce you love!

View more details here






Green Salad on Google Android 7.1 Gift Number 3:

Veggie lovers and not only here is the appropriate bowl to serve your homemade salad!

A row boat serving bowl with wood serving utensils! Make this gift to your beloved and he/she will be the coolest cooker around! Even he will serve a simple plate such as salad!


View more details here

🥓Gift Number 4:

Do you have a busy friend who has to do many things at the same time? Or any friend who is mum and she has to do many foods at the same time?

Now is the time to solve his/her cooking kind of problem!

Buy for him/ her the multi-sectional skillet!

1628288f492740e4a42f0310f4e8f18c Why to use 5 different pans when you can use only one to make the perfect meal?

View more details here







🔪 Gift Number 5:


Make a personal cutting board for your favorite friend. Engrave whatever you want on that and give a personal touch to your gift.

View more details here




Until next time,

Bon Appetit!

Love, hugs, and kisses.

❥ A.M 



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