Wine Lovers Here You Are! 🍷

For my first post on this blog, I decided to start with people who love wine and they are so many. So, if you have members in your family or in your friend zone who love wine, this post refers to you and (obviously) them. The thing here is that those people do not know it yet and this is the amazing part of it.

So, here comes A.M to give you some very very interesting and beautiful (I hope so) ideas.

For our little friends who “suffer” from that amazing syndrome of “Novinophobia” (=The fear of running out of wine), I have found some really good stuff.

Let’s start then! Okay, I’ll list what I’ve found in order to make it easier for you.

🍷 Gift Number 1:


Have you ever imagine a wine fountain?

Here it is! Wine lovers will love you for this gift!

Unique, modern, and enviable!!

You can decant your favorite wine with this stemless glass!

(This set includes 2 glasses)


Click here to view more details

🍷 Gift Number 2:

History of this book goes back to 1st century. What I mean by that?867132_mrp_in_l

Bordeaux ranks as one of the world’s premiere winemaking area. This volume from Assouline (A book publisher of luxury books based on art, lifestyle, and design) lists a variety of that area’s wines while has a completed glossary for the world of wine.

Gift this book to someone who is knowledgeable about wine.

He/She will really appreciate it.

Click here for more details

🍷 Gift Number 3:

What about a Wine (tool) kit? Is it sounds good to you?

What about a personalized 5pieces Wine kit? I think it sounds much better than before.il_570xn-642599091_1vwd

Hm, let’s explain it a bit more. What this kit is about? This Wine Tool Kit includes a corkscrew, a wine bottle stopper, a wine poorer, and drip ring.

This Wine Tool Kit includes a corkscrew, a wine bottle stopper, a wine poorer, and drip ring. It sounds good, right? Wait! Before you scroll down to the next check the good thing in this gift. It could be personalized only for your person you love!

In the wooden box of this kit, you could engrave or monogram on the initials or anything else you want. I think that now it sounds really interesting.

So, if you are interested in click here for more

🍷 Gift Number 4:

Everyone who loves wine searches excuses to drink a little more.

So, I found a tricky one! No, no, no it’s not suspicious, it’s innocent and harmless.

ga3029-3It’s just a game, a drinking game. The only thing that you have to do is to gather your friend sand play this really funny game!

Click here for more details

🍷 Gift Number 5:

And the last one is…something really special.

Wine & Traveller lovers here your problems are solved. Now you can enjoy both of your interests together.

Do you have any friend who be844600_mrp_in_llongs to the above description?

If yes, Cede’s Milano ” Travelling Wine Box ” is waiting for him.

It includes two tasting glasses, two watertight caps for freshness, a thermometer to ensure the perfect temperature and two open spots for bottles.

Click here for more details

Don’t hesitate to comment below if you have any questions or anything to add.

Until next time,

Cheers to you and our wine lovers!🍷🍷

Love, hugs, and kisses.

❥ A.M 









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